It is commonplace that curry leaf is used as seasoning ingredient in foods. Curry leaf adds special aroma to dishes. Fish curry especially, would be made outstanding if It is used in the cooking.
Curry leaf is rich in fiber, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorous, iron, vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C and E.
All these ingredients have their functions in our body. It contains iron and folic acid. Folic acid can help the body to absorb iron. Iron is an element of the formation of blood.

consequently, iron and folic acid within the curry leaf can prevent anemia . Fiber in curry leaves can lower the sugar degree in our body. Curry leaves influences the insulin activity and hence the sugar level.
For this reason, It is good for diabetes patients. it’s also recommended to encompass curry leaves in our diet.

you can make curry leaves powder so that you may additionally include within the weight loss plan every day.
It has been found that curry leaf is effective in reducing cholesterol level. It can lower LDL cholesterol level. It can therefore, protect us against heart disease.

Hair condition may affect one’s look and appearance. It is quite annoying to find that we are suffering from hair loss. It may also assist to bolster the hair root. |We can also try to use curry leaf powder mixed with oil and use it on hair. This simple system may be implemented to remedy grey hair, too. Research observed that curry leaf has masses of anti-oxidants. Those anti-oxidants help defend cells from demise and harm. It’s anti-carcinogen and can prevent cancer.

It is also effective in fighting against bacteria and fungus. It is anti-pathogen by nature.
When we suffers from cut, bruise, insect bite, we may use leaf paste to apply to the spots.
The cut, bruise and insect bites could be cured and heal as soon as possible.
Curry leaves therefore is very useful in our life.