Garlic is an herb that is a part of every Indian kitchen. It is one of the herbs that are widely used as spices worldwide. Since centuries people are using garlic to enhance taste of their food. In spite of making our food delicious it serves a major role in maintaining our health.

Many people in the world already know that garlic has a large number of health benefits. Most of these people however, tend to take garlic in pill or capsule form. Garlic is a holy herb that is very effective in treating numerous problems and allows in enhancing the overall performance of the body.

Garlic contains antiseptic properties. Hence it is used in preventing infections. Garlic increases the inner body strength and vitality. Three cloves of garlic in afternoon have reduce the danger of subsequent heart assaults.
It improves blood circulate, and also enables in prolong erection. Reduce the hazard of certain cancers, in particular, stomach cancers.

Many research showed that the natural factor of garlic, alkyl sulfur, any other lively factor in garlic, are powerful in inhibiting or preventing most cancers improvement.

Following are the conditions in which garlic is very helpful:

1.Garlic is used in the treatment of acne.
2.Daily consumption of garlic in the food helps in the proper movement of the intestines.
3.It is clinically proven that the chances of a heart attack are significantly lowered if a person who has suffered a minor heart attack begins taking three cloves of garlic on a daily basis.
4.Due to the rich chemicals present in it, garlic is taken as an effective treatment for high blood pressure.
5.Garlic has aphrodisiac properties. It is used to enhance libido in men and women.
6.Garlic is used for tuberculosis.
7.Many other things that garlic cure is Worm infestation, Infections, Fungal infection, Hyperlipidemia, High cholesterol levels etc.

So eat Three cloves of garlic everyday