project managers are the real multi taskers of the technology. Theirs is a extraordinarily complicated and complex task. There are more than one factors which can be concerned or occasionally rise for the duration of each single challenge. Therefore, task managers have to be extraordinarily professional and versatile. Not like engineers, developers, or architects who work only on the technical aspect of projects, task managers, need to work with the social and corporate elements and at the same time should be familiar with all of the technical info additionally.

To make it extra tricky, they may be frequently dealing with several tasks at once. Their work doesn’t end here, project managers also need to make sure that communication lines between different departments stay clear so that teams coordinate with each other and any other risk factors that can affect the project don’t get neglected.

Naturally, all these complex factors lead to a lot of problems for project managers that cannot be solved solely by project tracking tools.

Here are the two major problems that every project manager faces, along with their practical solutions.

1.Updates for Project Schedule

The possible solutions for these two are

1. Automate time table updates through a mission tracking tool each time feasible, so that your precious time isn’t wasted in collecting them manually. Retaining meetings together with your team to invite every member for project reputation is very time-consuming. you may make use of task management gear to be had on-line that allow your team to virtually replace the status of a selected undertaking or mark a milestone as completed and offer real-time fame reports. By means of saving time on administrative tasks, you will be able to awareness your knowledge and efforts where it’s genuinely wanted.

2. Try your first-rate to limit the range of projects that are beneath progress on the identical time.
To make sure fewer delays and a better excellent of labor, don’t keep extra than 25 to 50% of your initiatives running concurrently.

As a assignment supervisor, doing so will make your job a whole lot simpler with fewer initiatives that demand your time and attention right away. Recall to take advantage of the numerous online equipment for assignment management that let you shed some of the weight. An on the spot venture dealing with app like Leankor permits for real-time visibility, helps you to work in Waterfall and Agile modes, and has different beneficial features like Gantt charts and so on.