Wet saw tile cutter basics and tips

Building Construction works are increasing every day, and the production of tiles and other building materials is also increasing but cutting a tile the first cutter that comes to our mind is the wet saw tile cutter. Among other tile cutters, wet saw tile cutter is the most accurate one and environment-friendly because of its liquid cooled diamond covered blades.

All wet saw tile cutters are very easy to transport, and the storage is effortless. You can choose a wide variety of cutters from hand held to the table top in wet saw tile cutters. The main advantage of the wet saw tile cutter is that the formation of mist produced during the cutting process is reduced to a minimal level because of the liquid that made to flow over the blades. This liquid not only for controlling the dust but also reduce the friction between the cutting blade and the tile.

This increases the life time of the blades. By using wet saw tile cutter, one can cut hard tiles and even stones for decorating garden and pavement areas. There are different varieties of tile cutters, and wet saw tile cutters are expensive when compared to the dry saw tile cutter so buy the right cutting tools according to your use or need.

Materials which can be cut with a wet saw tile cutter

*Carbon fiber
*Stones etc.

wet saw tile cutters not only used for construction works or tile cutting it can also be used for decorative glass works, Cutting carbon fiber for automobile and also for many designing works.

Cutting a Porcelain with wet saw tile cutter

1.Before we start cutting the tile we need to understand the safety features of the machine because it is essential and please don’t forget to use the safety gears such as eye wear, gloves, ear protector because even an experienced professionals can sometimes cause errors which might become extremely dangerous and If you store the wet saw cutter in your home keep them in a place where children can’t reach.

2.Choose a tile that you want to cut in the wet saw tile cutter. Here we use a porcelain tile.
The main advantage of the porcelain tile is that the water absorbed by it is minimal.
The durability of the porcelain tile is very high, and it is much denser than other ceramic tiles.
But porcelain is expensive than the ceramics.

3.place the Porcelain on the sliding table and fix the tile. make sure it is not loose.
Experienced professionals can cut without a fixture, but for a newbie, a fixture is a must.

4.Mark the portions that you need to cut in a marker. The cutter we use has a 45-degree bevel cutting option and can produce chop cuts. the blade of every tile cutter is not sharp because if it is sharp, then the tile crack during the cutting process so we can’t produce perfect cuts. For precise cutting, only grinding the tile with a blunt diamond edged blade is the best solution.

5.Turn on and keep the blade running at a certain speed before you start the cutting. After that move the marked position towards the blade. please note that don’t push the tile too hard you only need to move the work gently.

6.Turn on the laser guiding in the wet saw tile cutter for the better accuracy.
Laser guiding gives you a better idea of how the cutter is going to cut the material. Now you cut the tile.
Make sure to use the splash guard during this process the coolant that flow over the blades can mess the whole working environment.

7.First work with some scrap tiles to increase your experience then go for the orders because these materials are costly. For wet saw tile cutter first, you look out for ads which are willing to rent their wet saw and try that wet saw if it is suitable for your needs then buy it. Buy only after you check the saw. Wet saw tile cutter is expensive, so a deep research is good before you buy.

Store for wet saw tile cutter

You can purchase the wet saw tile cutter in the stores like eBay, Amazon, homedepot, etc. For normal cutting process RIDGID 7 in is enough, and for a professional, we recommend RIDGID 10 in, and DeWalt 10 in wet saw tile cutters. Check out the stores for more details.